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About Us

Durable Affordable Fun! More than words, Bimini boats include everything you need and nothing you don't. 

Our goal is a Bimini boat in every driveway. To achieve this we start with our customer's needs in mind. What do you really need in a boat? What price can almost everyone afford? What size vehicle will most of our customers be towing their Bimini Boat with? Where and how will you store it? What activities would you like to do with your Bimini?


We ask and answer these questions in every model we build. We offer 14 models and only 1 of them requires a vehicle larger than a V6 powered minivan or SUV to tow. Most of our models easily fit in a garage and are under $299 per month.* You can fish in small shallow lakes or flats, in and around island chains and offshore. Water sports, picnicing, touring or just spending a lazy day on the water can easily be done on your Bimini Boat.


Then we build our boats with more quality and value than any competitive brand. A Bimini boat is designed from the ground up with quality and value our top priority. We include the following at no additional charge:


  • 100 % NO WOOD Construction. Bimini boats are 100% composite materials because we want your experience to be nothing short of the best. 

  • All upholstery is designed and manufactured in house of american made components.

  • Highest Marine Quality Products like electrical items and hardware.

  • Our designs give you the best of both worlds... a great ride and an affordable price.


Since 1987 affordable boating has been our passion and we are completely focused on building great boats that are easy to own and affordable to almost anyone.


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